Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Addison's Trash Can

I am pretty sure that if you added up Toolman's lifetime medical bills and compared the sum to Colin's lifetime bills, Colin would be the "winner". Monday, Colin added to his extraordinary total with another vet visit.

Sunday, during my mommy-cleanup-a-thon that happens as soon as CRB is tucked in every night, I noticed that Colin was chewing something but I assumed it was a rawhide. On my next trip back through, I found that Colin was choking. Getting closer I realized that he was trying to eat the pork chop bone. I was able to remove it, and next I stuck my finger very, very far down his throat and I retrieved more pork chop bone.

Though I had just taken out the kitchen garbage, I did that too late. Earlier that evening we had pork chops. Toolman is a good cook but I was not able to finish mine. I guess the pork did not get wasted because during CRB's night-time routine, Colin got the pork chop out of the kitchen trash can.

Monday morning Colin began throwing up, and unusually rejected his breakfast. As dogs cannot digest pork, I became very worried, so after a call to the vet, we made the 70 mile trip. Our vet x-rayed Colin and the x-ray revealed that there was some object that was not poop in his lower intestine. This was good news, and the vet said since it had made it that far, it should make it's way out. Colin was not showing any signs of pancreatitis, so our doctor thought Colin would be fine.

I don't know how many times Colin has scavenged through the garbage since CRB was born but Sunday night will be the last time. I don't know how he manages to open the pantry door, or if he has just lucked out with it not being completely shut, but I have a new challenge for him.

When I told Toolman that our trash can has a website, he said "That's disturbing." But it's less disturbing than a yorkie eating most of a pork chop, bone and all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not Pictured

This afternoon, CRB had a good time using the garden hose to water the flowers and plants in the planters on our front porch. I decided that I needed to get the camera so that I could take some pictures and video of this, so I quickly stepped in the house to grab my camera. As the camera did not have a camera card, I had to take an extra few seconds to put one in the slot.

I was not gone very long, but long enough for CRB to decide to come inside and find me. Camera in hand, I entered our front hall to see CRB standing there, on the oriental rug, garden hose in hand, and yes, the hose was running... What followed: some laughter, 5 large bath towels, the taking of the rug out to hang it on the brick wall to dry, and a quick call to my mom to tell her what "her" grandson did.

I wish I had pictures, but then that is how this started.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

CRB has really started to enjoy doing things. This is exciting for me, because since 2002, I have been eagerly anticipating playing with my child.

Sara, a former student of mine and now fellow church member, introduced him to sidewalk chalk during a cookout at her house. Sara is an awesome person, someone with whom it's always fun to spend time - she is full of smiles and joy. I had no idea that he'd find sidewalk chalk fun, but she did!

We've already worn out our first set of Dollar General sidewalk chalk. When my parents were visiting a few weeks ago, my dad got him to mark on some 1x1 wood scraps. CRB thought making chalk covered sticks was fabulous. Later, the cozy coupe became like a BMW "Art Car" once he covered it with various scribbles in multiple colors. If CRB turns out to have talent, or even interest, in art, his paternal grandmother will be excited, and no doubt relieved that he can be interested in something without internal combustion. But as he is the kid who tries to hug the leaf blower, we'll have to see...

He still does not seem to have a firmly established hand preference. He'll take the chalk in either hand that he finds handy and he will make line marks, straight and squiggly. He likes for me to make big recognizable shapes like squares, hearts, and hold your breath here ... "Balls!" ... otherwise known as circles to you and me. Toolman was more impressed with my Bono-headband COEXIST inspired graffiti, but to each is own...

Perhaps if CRB is feeling better tomorrow afternoon we can make some use of our new tiny splurge: Crayola-brand sidewalk chalk.

Peace out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Crazy Cozy Coupe

One day soon, I will lose interest in the Cozy Coupe, but that day is not here so let me regale you with some current and past events. Photos not yet available...

Upon awakening at a very rock and roll time of 10:30 a.m. (we are not rock star parents, he went to bed at 7:40 p.m.), CRB's first mission was to find the Cozy Coupe. It did not matter that it was only 50 degrees. As CRB's mom,I had anticipated this, and I had him dressed in layers. After about an hour, I decided that we would just have to bring it inside. CRB pushed it around and finally took my cue of "Let's play drive in movie. I know that you've never been to one, well neither have I, but Look! It's a new episode of the Backyardigans! Please for Mommy, watch TV, for just a few minutes so that I can change clothes for work, please!"

Fast forward to this evening after dinner and some errands when the CRB impressed Toolman with his ability to push it around the house, and next with his plea for help in rolling it upside down so he can check out the underneath. And again, roll it back over Daddy.

I am thrilled that he is enjoying it so much. I remember seeing Cozy Coupes as a kid, and really, really wanting to check one out. Today during a moment of free time I decided to research the history of the Cozy Coupe and solve the mystery as to why my friends and I did not have one with which to play. It turns out that the Cozy Coupe was introduced in 1979 when it won a toy of the year award. By 1979, I was already 6, which is on the old side for one...

Did you know that in 1997, 313,000 Cozy Coupes were sold in the US, and 100,000 in Great Britain. You didn't? Check out this informative piece from the NY Times:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cozy Coupe

I am pretty interested in getting a Cozy Coupe for CRB, even if the neighbors don't throw one out. I do question my judgment on this because we did return little Ella's fire truck coupe after borrowing it only for a day because CRB was so rough on it.

Is this inevitable with fearless CRB?

It looks as if he'd have years of enjoyment:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Neighbors:

The entire Classic Rock family has come up with a list of some things that we would like you to throw out, since you all seem to be in that mindset.

From CRB:
1) a cozy coupe
2) any kind of ball

From ToolMan:
1) a rotary screw air compressor
2) a backpad style blower to help make yard work easier since we actually do our own and most of you folks don't. (OK that was really mine...)

From Leslie:
1) chairs for the porch, preferably in that black plastic wicker
2) a classic Mini Cooper

Thanks in Advance!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Neighbors Are Crazy

I guess one of the perks of living in a nice neighborhood is the fact that your neighbors buy and throw out a lot of nice stuff. Yesterday, we may have gotten what will be our best find ever, but before I show it to you, here are some of our other finds.

One very used basketball goal. It needed a new net which I got for $1.76 at W-M. I know that the net is huge but CRB thinks it is just great.

Next up, a very used Big Wheel. CRB carried this home himself when he was about 14 months. That should tell you how determined he was.

Yesterday's first find: some very cute ride ons, sized perfectly for toddlers:

And now, the holy grail of all neighbor trash finds. A Kettler trike. No kidding. Sitting on the trash can out at the curb on trash day. The handlebars were 30 degrees cocked, but after 15 seconds of Toolman and a wrench we have this:

This one is missing the oh so awesome pushbar, the sand bucket, as well as the seatbelt. My guess is our neighbors just did not install the accessories... We have a similar trike, (not as nice but with the pushbar, seatbelt and sand bucket) so I am going to find a good home for this one. Who would throw this out? To me a $189 trike is not a disposable item... like those other things I picked up!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tell me ...

... that is it not worth $14.95 to have greater control over layout, larger images and time-released posting...

What could I do with the money instead?

... P.S. What do you think of my Spring-fresh design here at blogger?

Heard at my house


"No sweetie, that's an orange. It is shaped like a ball but it is an orange."


"No sweetie, that's a light. It is shaped like a ball but it is a light."


"Yes, we are passing by Charles' house where once you played with his soccer ball."


"No sweetie, there is no ball in the sandbox, but I did put one in there one time."


"No sweetie that's a play tomato. It is shaped like a ball but it is a tomato."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WFMW: easy choke tester gauge

My son, CRB, is one of those children who really likes to put things in his mouth, so while I am concerned about lead I am petrified of him finding a small object and choking.

Several months ago I looked for a choke test cylinder so I would be able to drop an item in to see what kind of problem it presented. I was not able to find one to purchase locally, but I did find some directions, and I attempted to make one. When looking around to find something of the right circumference to wrap my cardboard cutout around, I noticed that one of our amber colored perscription medicine bottles was almost the exact size: 2.5 inches deep with a circumference of 4.5 inches.

The only difference between the bottle and the cylinder diagram would be the bottles lack of a slope section in the bottom. That means the bottle would be a more conservative gauge than the official choke standard. I am ok with being more conservative on this one since CRB will probably have a career as a taste tester at some point in his life.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Play Food

CRB is still having a lot of fun with the play kitchen. Play food seems to be very important to his play. When we purchased the first kitchen, I bought a set of Fiesta food. ToolMan and I thought CRB would have a better chance at recognizing Mexican food rather than the standard American cuisine since we eat Mexican food like it is standard cuisine. The Fiesta set was really cheap in many ways but it was a big hit and that fact now has me spending an inordinate amount of time looking at more play food.

Haba (a German company) makes some wood food that is pretty neat. I like the fact that I can be assured that it is lead free since CRB is not a picky eater and that tendency passes even to play food. My only concern is the small size of the items.

Elves and Angels sells some neat food and the average size seems larger than Haba's.

As an etsy lover, there is so much play food to crave:

Last week we received the Step2 play food assortment which I am viewing as temporary food. Some of it is really neat and CRB even said "Peas!"and handed me the plastic green peas which look a lot like his favorite steamed peas, I'll admit.

I want to craft some felt food this weekend. Even if he will be able to recognize the plastic stuff and won't give my felt endeavors a second glance, I am determined to try. It's going to be tough to compete with realistic plastic food, not to mention the real marshmallows and snapeas we use.

Hold me to it readers.