Friday, October 3, 2008

What I should have said...

It's been more than a month since my last post, and just a photo post at that.  Fall semester is in full swing and things in T-town are crazy, but a crazy kind of good. 

Here's a list of post titles that you should have gotten to read, if only they had been written.

"We can call it a nap mat now, at least for this one day."

"When Dr. Google and your real doctor agree, you should listen."

"My kid would lap your kid in a Power Wheels 4-wheeler race, especially with his new 'cheater motor.' "

"My dad would rather sit in the student section instead of an assigned Faculty/Staff section seat at Bama football games.  Seriously, he wanted to move over to where 'the wave starts, not dies.' "

"I never knew parenting involved so much wrestling."

"It's Kelly!!"  Who knew stickers could be so motivating to a preschooler.

"W.W.S.D.?"  as in What would Saban do?  Did I *actually* say that to motivate my students? You bet I did.

"Wonder when a team will suggest 'blacking out' the Tide again?  Maybe ... never!"  

"He's TWO!"