Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Times

CRB is almost 20 months. I really have to work on (get started on actually) his baby book, but in lieu of that, here are some things in which he is expressing a great deal of interest:
  • play-doh
  • the Backyardigans
  • soccer balls
  • pouring water from one container to another
  • dogs and cats
  • saying new words, but only if it is his idea.
  • peas
  • plants
  • using his sense of smell
  • rocks

Monday, May 12, 2008

Old School

CRB has been to the doctor (not vet actually) for the second time in ten days.

Today after a very serious examination, our awesome Dr. D revealed that CRB is suffering with a cold which he expects to continue for the next ten days. Apparently my kid has never really had much of a cold before because this is a new level of misery for him (... and the rest of us.)

Entertaining CRB indoors is pretty hard. This afternoon, I got out two of my old toys for him.

First up was the Fisher-Price School Days desk. This is the one with the magnetic chalkboard and letters, the slider bins for storage, and the cards for spelling out words like TREE, NEAT, DOG, etc. The only reason I do not leave this out for CRB is that the letters are very small and do not pass the choking gauge test. Courtesy of some seller on ebay here's a photo:

Second up was my awesome circus train. He loved the toot toot sound and all of the animals. This is another toy that I put up and away from his reach. Today was the first time he got to play with it and he was very excited. Again the "new" choking hazard test indicates that people are too small. I also worry about him breaking animal parts off and swallowing those. Thanks again ebay for the awesome photo resource that your sellers provide:

Fisher-Price needs to bring out new classics of these like they are doing the telephone, tv, and clock. CRB does not really enjoy new toys like he does empty boxes, plastic cups, sticks, rocks or orbital sanders, but he seems to have a thing for these toys of his mama.