Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party Games or YouTube

Tonight we witnessed CRB opening a child-proof medicine bottle, getting the medicine dropper and plunging it in, then pouring the contents on the white carpet.

I am considering buying a gun safe for my entire household contents. I promise not to lock myself inside during these "moments."

Thanks Mr. Sandman

Friday during naptime Miss Amber held CRB and he was able to fall asleep for just a few minutes.

Today, his first day back, he napped again. It was for a little over half an hour and no, it was not on Miss Amber or his nap mat, but it was in a high chair that affords him a great view of everyone else sleeping. Mrs. Betty said that she thought this was a turning point and she would do the same things again and gradually move him to his nap mat.

I am hopeful that this is marking the beginning of better sleeping at preschool. He needs the rest, his teachers certainly need the break, and I need the peace of mind.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Score

CRB: 5

Naps: 0

When I arrived today, I saw my little Linus, dragging his crocheted blanket around the room. Unlike Linus though, he was sucking on the corner of his pillow, not his thumb, and all the while he was laughing and playing with the other children, not sitting in the corner with a miniature baby grand.

I was so happy with what I was seeing that while standing at the gate I began this fantasy where Miss Amber was relaying the details of a multi-hour nap, when I was interrupted by the reality (he did lie down upon the nap mat for 30+ minutes, but no sleep and then he was allowed to get up since he is not disruptive).  Our conversation quickly and unfortunately attracted CRB, who is always working the room. When he saw me he joyfully yelled and pointed " MAMA! MAMA!!"  but then began a major meltdown. His teachers assured me that he had not cried today, or even looked upset, until I arrived to pick him up. Then, we could not get out of the room fast enough, one shoe on,on shoe off -  the other having flown off in his full-tilt boogity down the hall screaming "Dad? DAD?? DADD - E?!?!"  

I am going to assume that he just remembered how much he missed his parents today, and that in his sleep-deprived state, the feeling overwhelmed him.  That makes two of us. 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Half full

Toolman and I were impressed with the changes that we saw in CRB this week.  The most obvious change is the talking.  He talks more and with more words, and usually he wants something that he is trying to obtain by talking about it. The second change is that he now enjoys books more.  Before, books had to have flaps, sound or textures to be at all of interest to him.  Now he enjoys looking for familiar items in books, finding the item, and naming it.  

Wednesday was his last day at preschool this week. He still would not nap but he did actually lay down on his nap mat.  I think bringing his crocheted blanket and Ocean Wonders glow seahorse helped him.  Perhaps next week he will get the hang of napping away from home.

Thursday he spent the day at home with our nanny.  We were all very excited to see her and I was glad he was going to have a break at home, and I was going to have some help.  Later Thursday morning we realized that CRB had developed a cold.  I guess not sleeping, stealing toys that other people had in their mouths, plus eating Goldfish crackers when you are milk intolerant has a downside.

CRB is home sick with me today.  We've had a good time playing with toys and watching Kerri's copy of Toy Story.  He's doing just fine with the toddler bed and I am hoping it will help make him a more flexible sleeper. 

Although I wish he was not sick, I think the positives of preschool outweigh the negatives.  My little boy is growing up so fast.  I wonder how he will change next week?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Naps on the Campaign Trail

If I were an O.M.G. kind of person this would be an appropriate time.  CRB is the king of napping. It's as if he cannot relax enough to nap at preschool. After talking with his teachers I can promise that they are doing all that they can, short of putting him in with the infants in a crib, which I agree would not be appropriate.  

On my way home, I decided that I needed to listen to the Montessori philosophy and remove the crib rail from the crib.  Toolman had the toddler rail up as I was getting home and now CRB is passed out in what is his toddler bed now. 

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Politician

CRB started preschool today.  Yesterday afternoon was preschool open house.  We all enjoyed meeting his teachers and several of his classmates and their parents.

It turns out that CRB will be the oldest in the class, and I could not be more thrilled about that. Also of great relief was the fact that he did not come across as a stereotypical shy only child. Instead, he was exceptionally outgoing to both the children and adults.  This morning when I dropped him off, he greeted everyone with big smiles and babbling.  Later, when I pick him up it will be telling, but I expect that he will have had a good time today.

Yesterday, at the end of the open house while dad was in line with the notary, we made some laps of the hall and rooms.  One lady, from a baby room where I had never taken CRB, called us in her room and said "That's Will,  during church nursery today we decided that he is going to be a politician.  He really enjoys meeting and seeing people, more than any child I can think of." 

So faithful readers, weren't we thinking he'd have a stint as a Wal-Mart greeter at some point?

If he does end up in politics it seems to me that he may be into wealth re-allocation. But at this point, at least he smiles at you while he tries to steal your toys.