Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Classic Rock Babies

Yes, Classic Rock Babies... CRB is going to be a big brother this fall.

I am still not quite sure how this happened. I did see those after-school specials, so I do *know* but I still don't quite understand. Perhaps it is the years of fighting the unexplained infertility diagnosis, but this whole thing seems quite surreal, even as I feel this baby kicking, and as strangers comment on my tummy.

Know-it-all types would say "Well, it's because you were not trying." Perhaps, but here was my three step process to how this happened:

1. Stopping taking those pills about 4-5 months prior to conception.
2. God's sense of humor
3. and the fun part.

Throw in there giving away most of my maternity stuff and a lot of baby stuff in late December and there you have it! An OB appointment in February instead of a GYN appointment.

If everything keeps going well with the pregnancy, I am planning to take a leave of absence. I was actually strongly considering doing this anyway, but there's nothing like months of morning - really all day sickness, an expanding waistline, a demanding toddler, and the knowledge of the exciting, but complete upheaval that another family member will add to my current lack of ability to do anything well, to firm up a decision.

Wish us luck, and keep us in your prayers!