Saturday, November 22, 2008


as my baby book remains un-updated I can at least blog this so I don't forget.  CRB can count to six!  When he does not know the next number he says "More?"  It's too cute.  Maybe I will get out a video camera before I hate myself for not having this...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pretend cat

For sometime now, CRB has been very interested in cats.  We love our cat stickers on the light switches but nothing is better than the real thing.  Our neighborhood is very much a dog neighborhood, but thankfully a few cats lurk in the yards nearby.  CRB will shush you when we walk near the drainage culverts, hoping that if we are quiet we'll get to see a cat close up.

Tonight during dinner at DePalmas, he announced firmly that this pizz-zey (CRB for pizza) was for the cat.  DePalmas is a relaxed restaurant but there is no restaurant house cat. He motioned to the cat. He shushed us and said "for the cat ... yum, yum, yum, yum  ... CAT" and then proceeded to offer the imaginary cat pizza and a sip of his apple juice.  He was delighted when I played along with feeding the cat, but seemed confused when I asked him what the cat's name was.  He said, emphatically, "THAT CAT" with a sentiment of "silly mama" thrown in there.

I am not sure that I am really for CRB to have a pretend cat. Cats are housebroken right? Watch out Colin. There might be an imaginary cat sitting wherever our 25 month old chooses tonight.