Monday, June 29, 2009


A few weeks ago, I got CRB to give up his bottle. For everyone passing judgment, yes, this was past age 32 months, years later than his peers. Whatever. My kid drank lots of (soy) milk and was happy to start and end his days that way. One evening I told him all his bottles were really dirty and he'd need to drink his milk colder than he was used to, and out of this sippy cup with a straw. I felt like mean liar, and he said "O.k., mom." He's not asked for one since.

About a week later, we decided that instead of buying another crib, we'd at least try to see if CRB would be o.k. in a regular bed. I discussed with him that he could have daddy's old big boy bed that Granddad Ed and Grandmama Nancy bought daddy when he was a boy. He seemed interested in the concept, so I spent a week trying to pick out a comforter, sheets, etc. that would go well with the racing theme and colors of his nursery. One night about 8 p.m. in about 10 minutes, ToolMan and Kyle disassembled the crib/toddler bed, and put the full-size bed together. He talked immediately about how he loved the size and pillows, the color of the comforter (red with white and navy) and the surf board sheets. He went right to sleep, with no problems that night or any other.

Thursday of last week, I decided it was (beyond) time try potty training. We had not tried to do this with him except for two informal bribes of using the potty, near the turn of the year, but Thursday was the day. I tried the one-day potty method, where you get a drink and wet doll and for two hours or so get the kid to teach the doll to use potty. Once the kid seems to understand the concepts, you move on to the kid using the potty. Important to CRB was the idea of the big boy underwear and the idea that Thomas, Handy Manny or Diego did not want any pee or poop on them so he'd need to use the potty. Tinkling the potty the very first time was INSANELY hard for him, but once he did it, the only hard part has been agreeing that it might be time to go try again. This weekend, ToolMan decided that CRB needs to go about 1/5 as frequently as his pregnant mom so we are having a much less frustrating time now that I am not trying to push him every 30-45 minutes. Accidents have become really rare. Perhaps in a week or so I will be ready to proclaim him totally potty trained.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

Classic Rock Babies

Yes, Classic Rock Babies... CRB is going to be a big brother this fall.

I am still not quite sure how this happened. I did see those after-school specials, so I do *know* but I still don't quite understand. Perhaps it is the years of fighting the unexplained infertility diagnosis, but this whole thing seems quite surreal, even as I feel this baby kicking, and as strangers comment on my tummy.

Know-it-all types would say "Well, it's because you were not trying." Perhaps, but here was my three step process to how this happened:

1. Stopping taking those pills about 4-5 months prior to conception.
2. God's sense of humor
3. and the fun part.

Throw in there giving away most of my maternity stuff and a lot of baby stuff in late December and there you have it! An OB appointment in February instead of a GYN appointment.

If everything keeps going well with the pregnancy, I am planning to take a leave of absence. I was actually strongly considering doing this anyway, but there's nothing like months of morning - really all day sickness, an expanding waistline, a demanding toddler, and the knowledge of the exciting, but complete upheaval that another family member will add to my current lack of ability to do anything well, to firm up a decision.

Wish us luck, and keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Talking

CRB is becoming more of a talker, which as his fairly outgoing mom, I am definitely okay with this (I hope) trend.

Two days ago, when entering the Strasburg Children's outlet store, he squealed with excitement and said "Look Mommy!! Doll clothes!" If you've been there, it really is like doll clothes for babies.

This afternoon, when I was driving the uberwagon, CRB said "Watch out everybody! Mommy's coming!" Heh... enough said there.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"... a priest, a rabbi, and a quaker..."

Sounds like the beginning of a good joke or a decent blog post.

Lately, with what all has been going on in the Classic Rock Household, Toolman and I have been in need of something, but I don't know what, and I think we've lost a great deal of perspective. Making even simple decisions seems to require inordinate amounts of time, and when things don't go as planned or get messed up a funk seems to take root. This is not normal for us.

For the last several months, several people have be telling me wonderful things about my son. Things every mom wants to hear. Some statements have been extreme, so much so that I find it hard to believe anything those individuals say. Is this flattery or is it something I need to act on? Does he really need to move on to the three year old class now? He's even registered to start "terrific twos" in August. A phone call about this came from out of the blue Monday. Perhaps the hardest church school to get admission to (unless you are a member of course) offering a spot in the threes for fall. Is this some sort of sign from God? So many different people telling me the same thing, but yet, I don't believe it. Toolman summed up my thoughts by saying "That's fine, but I want to see his SAT scores."

And so, he's staying with his group. So what if he can read some? So what if his "art" and hand-eye coordination is out there compared to his contemporaries. Why would I make him be the smallest and most behind in his class? Why can't he just stay being be the smallest and most capable?

As his mom I think the fact that he got sent to time out for the very first time a week ago after seven months in preschool, does not show that he is obedient or advanced, but that maybe now he's just feeling comfortable enough at school to misbehave.

So am I missing it? Have I been sent a priest, a rabbi and a Quaker? This scene from the West Wing has been running in my mind all week. Perhaps the analogy is a little far fetched, but then, that's what parenting can feel like.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gardening with a Toddler?

This weekend I really want to introduce CRB to gardening. Anyone who enjoys dirt so much should be a natural. Here's some links I am checking out:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get On Your Boots

Here at the CRB house, we are very excited about the new U2 album. Lately, CRB has had a surge of interest in music. At the moment, Arrested Development's Mr. Wendal is his most requested tune followed by the obnoxious but kool Baha Men's Who Let the Dogs Out.  

Yesterday, on my way to buy the U2 album,  I was wondering if some Paul Simon might appeal to CRB. Sometime in the mid-80's I remember really enjoying the cassette album of Graceland. In addition to that, who doesn't love Kodachrome, 50 ways to leave your lover, Mrs. Robinson? Guess I need to buy Graceland and a greatest hit album.  

Poor CRB and his wacky mom.  Most kids just get to go to Kindermusik.  Mine has to ride around in the uberwagon and tell me he has curly hair like Robert Plant. "Can sing like Robert Plant, mommy."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Like Father, Like Grandson

The toys were awesome, but CRB's favorite part of Christmas 2008 was fishing in the basement with his grandfather, ToolMan's dad.

Continue to pray for us and ToolMan's mom.  Tomorrow she is facing a brain biopsy. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prayer Request

ToolMan's mom is not doing well. Without getting into to many details, 2 days of tests, another hospital, and several specialists cannot agree on whether this is a stroke, viral meningitis, a brain tumor, or something else. Complicating factors include she is not in her home state with her regular doctors. Thankfully ToolMan was able to fly his plane down to be with his mom and dad at this time. She is undergoing more tests this afternoon.

Please keep us in your prayers, and send us all the positive thoughts you can spare.

Sodor News

CRB has a lot of Thomas the tank engine toys, most of which where acquired within the last 2 months or so, with a noticeable surge coming from Christmas. I did not expect to be one of those train moms, but I am. The train set, err sets, are doing so much for him on so many levels that I constantly am encouraging train play and I freely buy him new additions. It's amazing to me what he learns almost every time he plays with them.

A few days ago I was speaking to one of my great neighbors about CRB and the trains and she said that she wanted to get some of her 11 year old son's (we'll call him Ripstick) old stuff out of the attic and bring it over for CRB. Yesterday during naptime, they brought us a several plastic cartons full, and I was excited to be able to loan Ripstick three fun PS3 games in return :)

When CRB awoke from his nap and came into our kitchen he was stoked to see James and his tender, Annie and Clarabel, Catherine and her truck, a useful engine shed, a rock tunnel, a suspension bridge, and another cargo box and box car. (Slyly I hid most of the stuff for another day...) We had a great time integrating all of these pieces onto the train table.

Later that evening, when MeMe and I were doing something else, CRB brought a basket of "tack to play, tack to play trains" to us. What was in the basket? Keep in mind that this was the basket that I had used to carry the trains stuff from the kitchen to his room earlier. Every single new piece that our neighbors had brought him that afternoon. Nothing else, none of the standard favorites like Salty, Duck or Diesel, but only the "new" stuff, just like we had played in the kitchen before.

I was really taken aback by his ability to sort his stuff (and it is a lot of stuff, too embarrassing to list), from Ripstick's stuff.
After seeing this, MeMe said that she had a better understanding of how important these trains were to him. To him, they aren't just another toy. It's an adventure, a story to act out, a possibility to build.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Library of Congress or Humpty Dumpty?

CRB, the only child of two only children, has a lot of books. New books, old books, and some in between. Somehow, though I had a lot of books and ToolMan had a lot of books, we have very few repeats between us. Add into the mix books bought for CRB and you would be hard pressed to be unable to find something awesome about nearly any subject appropriate for a 2 year old.

Lately I have been in a mindset to clean up and organize and today CRB's books are on the agenda. When CRB was little my books were segregated from Toolman's. Now, all the books have moved on into another category, those of CRB. I am trying to decide how to order them. Though it's tempting to leave them where they have fallen lately (i.e. the Humpty Dumpty method of organization) I am going to try to do something better, but what I don't know. True organization is not possible with a 2 year old librarian.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Champagne Wishes

Last night, ToolMan and I tried to date the bottle of champagne in the fridge. He thinks it was pre-CRB, the 2006 New Year's Eve bottle that did not seem appetizing on top of the fert. meds). I think it was post-CRB, 2007 New Year's Eve bottle bought by delusional, sleep-deprived parents of a 3 month old). Regardless, I can tell you it was good, and is still somehow bubbly for great New Year's mimosas.

Rock on 2009. 2008 was a great year, and am hopeful for a repeat.