Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get On Your Boots

Here at the CRB house, we are very excited about the new U2 album. Lately, CRB has had a surge of interest in music. At the moment, Arrested Development's Mr. Wendal is his most requested tune followed by the obnoxious but kool Baha Men's Who Let the Dogs Out.  

Yesterday, on my way to buy the U2 album,  I was wondering if some Paul Simon might appeal to CRB. Sometime in the mid-80's I remember really enjoying the cassette album of Graceland. In addition to that, who doesn't love Kodachrome, 50 ways to leave your lover, Mrs. Robinson? Guess I need to buy Graceland and a greatest hit album.  

Poor CRB and his wacky mom.  Most kids just get to go to Kindermusik.  Mine has to ride around in the uberwagon and tell me he has curly hair like Robert Plant. "Can sing like Robert Plant, mommy."

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Totallyscrappy said...

LOL! Out the back, Jack...