Monday, June 29, 2009


A few weeks ago, I got CRB to give up his bottle. For everyone passing judgment, yes, this was past age 32 months, years later than his peers. Whatever. My kid drank lots of (soy) milk and was happy to start and end his days that way. One evening I told him all his bottles were really dirty and he'd need to drink his milk colder than he was used to, and out of this sippy cup with a straw. I felt like mean liar, and he said "O.k., mom." He's not asked for one since.

About a week later, we decided that instead of buying another crib, we'd at least try to see if CRB would be o.k. in a regular bed. I discussed with him that he could have daddy's old big boy bed that Granddad Ed and Grandmama Nancy bought daddy when he was a boy. He seemed interested in the concept, so I spent a week trying to pick out a comforter, sheets, etc. that would go well with the racing theme and colors of his nursery. One night about 8 p.m. in about 10 minutes, ToolMan and Kyle disassembled the crib/toddler bed, and put the full-size bed together. He talked immediately about how he loved the size and pillows, the color of the comforter (red with white and navy) and the surf board sheets. He went right to sleep, with no problems that night or any other.

Thursday of last week, I decided it was (beyond) time try potty training. We had not tried to do this with him except for two informal bribes of using the potty, near the turn of the year, but Thursday was the day. I tried the one-day potty method, where you get a drink and wet doll and for two hours or so get the kid to teach the doll to use potty. Once the kid seems to understand the concepts, you move on to the kid using the potty. Important to CRB was the idea of the big boy underwear and the idea that Thomas, Handy Manny or Diego did not want any pee or poop on them so he'd need to use the potty. Tinkling the potty the very first time was INSANELY hard for him, but once he did it, the only hard part has been agreeing that it might be time to go try again. This weekend, ToolMan decided that CRB needs to go about 1/5 as frequently as his pregnant mom so we are having a much less frustrating time now that I am not trying to push him every 30-45 minutes. Accidents have become really rare. Perhaps in a week or so I will be ready to proclaim him totally potty trained.

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